Bar 6 Ranch located in the beautiful SW Montana.  Our horses not only must have bone, stamina, and conformation, but they must possess the mind and disposition to be able to do whatever is asked of them. This combined with a proven pedigree will position them to excel and succeed at the non-pro and open levels in NRCHA, NCHA, NRHA, PRCA and other like arenas.  I am fortunate enough to be in a business I love; one that continues to stay personal enough to connect with our buyers who have become friends over the years. 


Following a life-long passion for horses, Mic Snyder (owner/operator) started out making friends with other horse owners, enjoying the opportunity to ride with them.  She participated in high school rodeos where she barrel raced and sorted, even trying bull riding for a single and very short duration ride of about three seconds – she didn’t try bulls twice, though!  During her high school years Mic developed an interest in raising horses that could do all things the ranch ponies did, and more.  For her 16th birthday, her dad surprised her with a Bill-of-Sale to a seven-year old Pinto mare.  The following decades, Mic relocated, raised a family, and maintained her passion for horses through volunteer work at rescues, events, clinics, and rodeos. When she relocated back to Montana, she settled in the Bitterroot Valley/Victor, MT area and started to work towards her dream of raising horses.  She met and developed friendships with like-minded individuals.  Even after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Mic adjusted her dream somewhat and focused on the breeding aspect where she has been able to build her broodmare band and raise foals geared towards an all-around future.  One of Mic’s accomplishments was to go through the popular Oasis Ranch breeding workshops.  She not only developed a friendship and resource with Marilyn and Pete Bowling, she went to their Purcell, Oklahoma ranch and learned how to successfully collect a stallion for artificial insemination (AI), evaluate semen, and ship semen to mare owners, as well as how to AI mares herself.  This knowledge, Mic believes, helps her become a self-sufficient breeding ranch where she can raise versatile Quarter Horses.  Mic shares the best piece of advice she’s gotten about breeding horses, “Never breed a second-rate mare to a third-rate stallion.” Mic stands her own AQHA stallion, Cowboys Gold Remedy, as well as standing outside stallions, including Playboys Pepto Boy, Dual Reys Rascal, & may welcome Beaches 2022 season. 

You can reach Mic at (406) 544-8710 or email her at barsixranch@gmail.com